“You aren’t the same person anymore”, she says with sorrow lacing her voice and tears in her eyes. “You don’t look the same. You don’t talk the same. You don’t smile anymore. What happened to you? How long are you going to be like this?” She asks so many questions that simply don’t have an answer. She can’t just be content with what is.

She begins to grow frustrated by the silence. “Maybe, you have just changed. Maybe I just need to get used to the new you.”

Finally she has resigned herself to the truth.

The image in the mirror still says nothing. Sadly, she turns off the lights and retreats into her safe place.


9 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. Whether I can tolerate looking at my reflection in the mirror is a good mark of the state of my mental health. What’s really nice is if I’m brushing my teeth of a morning, and then suddenly smile at myself: “Wow! I’m looking at you, and feeling good!” Then I know it’s going to be a slightly better day.


  2. I know how this feels but perhaps the discussion between the two versions of yourself isn’t so clear cut.

    Just a heads up that I’m thinking out loud as I write this, so no guarantees that it makes sense. 🙂

    It has occurred to me lately that I have a tendency to think that things are one way, or the other. Black or white, old or new, here or there. I don’t tend to recognize that there’s a middle ground. When I think about things with more of a middle ground perspective, they look quite different (and…sigh…healthier 🙂 ).

    Your image of the mirror versions of your self reminds me of that. Maybe it’s not as simple as old you vs. new you. Maybe it could be more about recognizing the ways that you have changed, but accepting both versions of yourself. And with that, accepting that as much as you feel you have changed into someone you don’t want to be, you also have the potential to change in ways that you find more positive.

    Once again, I end up with that blasted word: Acceptance.


    • I love these thoughts!! As an extremist myself, and a hater of change, the idea that both versions could be acceptable is almost foreign.

      Acceptance is scary. The act itself looks like losing or admitting weakness. In reality there is much in life we have no power to change. The best method in dealing with these transitions is probably acceptance. It is difficult though.

      Thank your for sharing this perspective. You really helped me think a little differently about some things.


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