Summer Changes And A Thank You

Like many others, I do better when life is busy. Having too much time to think and to feel can be a burden. In about two and a half weeks the class schedule is going to be full. A new lady came for classes today. She is so very sweet and has a very happy spirit. She reminds me of my favorite student with her happiness. We could all use a little more happy in our lives.

My neighbor passed one of her students along to me. She came yesterday for our first class together. I love her already. She is in fifth grade is the most adorable little girl I have seen in this country. Looking forward to working with her.

Life is interesting, the way it ebbs and flows. One minute we are up. The next, we are down again. One day we are sad. The next, we could be overjoyed. For the last month life has been very slow. Students have dropped out. My favorite student moved away. Life had come to kind of a stand still. It is slowly beginning to pick up pace. This week has brought on three new students. Next week I have meetings scheduled to bring in new groups for the Summer.

The tricky thing about life and depression sometimes is that we don’t know when things are going to change. When one is in the depths of darkness and despair, though he may be expecting things to get better, he can’t know when that will happen. I think I am beginning to come out of a pretty bad time. Everything in me is holding on to the fact that the good will last. For the fellow bloggers out there who may be facing a dark or difficult time, the light will shine again. Keep holding on. Know that the bad is not permanent. Eventually, life will start to be good again, and probably when you least expect it.

Thanks to all of you who were encouragers the last few weeks. You have taught me much about dealing with depression. This last bad spell is probably the worst I have been through in quite some time. Looking back, there were signs and precautions that could have been taken. What a learning experience life is.

Thank you so very much for reading. Cheers!


4 thoughts on “Summer Changes And A Thank You

  1. For me, at the moment, that is the hardest thing: not knowing when my mood might plummet. It’s scary, but I’m learning to live well despite the possibility, if that makes sense.


  2. This post makes me smile. You sound better and I can hear the enthusiasm in your voice as you talk about the new students coming in. Teaching is clearly your passion, and I have to believe that being aware of that will help you navigate some difficult times, since you know teaching can draw you out of yourself.

    Thank you for your support and encouragement as well. πŸ™‚ I hope that your positive trend continues!


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