Not Now But Maybe Soon

Things did not workout with the therapists. I was so excited about having a new tool to help deal with depression and social anxiety. The insurance doesn’t cover the therapy over Skype and I can’t afford it without the insurance. As soon as something changes the goal is to have therapy. Just wanted to give an update for those who are following along. Cheers!


8 thoughts on “Not Now But Maybe Soon

  1. I did not know you could get therapy over Skype! That’s pretty cool.

    I’m sorry the insurance doesn’t cover it though. Xx


  2. I’m sorry to hear that :(, I hope you can find something else that you can afford or is covered by the insurance. It can be such a struggle to find help, and it is so disappointing when you thought you found something, and then it’s not allowed… Take care. Hope you aren;’t feeling too bad because of this.


  3. Arrrggggghhhh.

    I’m really frustrated for you. I was hoping that this would work out. Any chance that you could squeeze in a few sessions with a therapist when you’re back home this summer? Just a thought.

    I suppose in the meantime you just keep doing what you’re doing. You’re making progress, one day at a time! Thank goodness we don’t need insurance coverage for blog writing… 🙂


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