Change – Ready Or Not, Here It Comes

The workout didn’t take place. Here is what happened. I teach English. My neighbor sent me a text and said she is sending a prospective over about 1:15. This did not leave time to workout, shower, and finish cleaning. So I chose to finish cleaning. It took me almost two hours to clean everything! I had not realized how dirty everything had gotten. In that time there was sweating, dancing, and moving about. So I don’t count it as a loss at all. I didn’t technically do a workout, but there was movement for two solid hours instead of sitting around.

The plan is to workout tomorrow sometime, and then Saturday as well. Those two workout accompanied with the workout from Monday will put me at my goal of working out three times a week. This is not a failure. Only a change of plans. And that makes me smile. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Change – Ready Or Not, Here It Comes

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