Everyone Deserves An Award Of Some Kind – Dragon’s Loyalty Award

I admit, some time has passed since this award was given. Time passes quickly and this is the first day I have really had off in some time. Thanks to Cynthia for passing this along to me! Her blog is and honest and encouraging account of one woman’s journey to ultimate health and weight loss. Check out her blog and cheer her on: http://apassionflower.wordpress.com/.

Here are the rules for this award:

1. Of course, thank the blogger who nominated you.

2. Reference the blogger and provide a link to their blog.

3. Share seven facts about yourself that other bloggers may not know about you.

4. Nominate and link back to up to fifteen other bloggers.

5. Notify them of their nomination.

6. Post the picture of the award on your blog. dragons loyaltyMy nominations, in no particular order.

1. http://alwaysthinkingimfat.wordpress.com/ – This blogger is a constant encouragement to me as she writes about motherhood, weight loss, and life in general. Her sense of humor and unique perspective on life always challenges her readers to see life in a different way. Check her out! (Please, it wasn’t actually a command. Just wanted to be clear.)

2.http://thebipolarcuriousblog.com/ – On this blog Sarah gives an open and honest perspective on life through the eyes of someone who lives with bipolar disorder. She offers a wonderful voice to a society that needs to hear.

3. http://christopherryandueck.wordpress.com/ – Here we see life with depression through the eyes of a blogger named Ryan. He blogs on a regular basis and is worth checking out.

4. http://nevertoobroken.wordpress.com/ – This blogger offers her own perspective on life. By her own words she is “unique” and doesn’t “sugar coat” life. If you are looking for someone who doesn’t hold back, she is worth the read.

5. http://thismomgig.com/ – I love this blog! Kelly is a mother dealing with life and depression as she helps a marriage thrive. Her sense of humor will keep you laughing and her wit will keep you thinking. This may just be your new favorite blog. Check her out! If you do, you get to see pictures of her adorable daughter.

Here are my seven facts:

1. The first time I visited Moldova, where I currently live, I broke my leg.

2. Blood makes me nauseous.

3. I am currently fighting an addiction to the television show King of Queens.

4. God provided me with a very invincible personal bubble.

5. Action movies will always be better than a love story could ever be.

6. One day I hope to write a book.

7. Finding seven things to share was incredibly difficult.

Thank you very much for reading. Please do head over to the suggested blogs. These awards are a great way to find new and interesting people. Thanks again to Cynthia for the award. Cheers!


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