That’s What Moms Are For

The last few weeks I have been experiencing some sickness periodically. It has consisted of much time in the bathroom hugging a toilet bowl. Nothing more need be said about that. Last night brought about another “episode” as I have named them. It was the worst yet, by far. One thing has been common in all these incidents, the presence of Mom was desired.

There is one person who knows what makes us feel better, how to make the right kind of soup, and when we need a warm blanket. She is Mom. My Mom is over 5,000 miles away. Being sick has helped me realize that no matter how old a person grows, he/she still needs parents.

It has also become apparent that we have two parents for a reason. Dad is the one I call for logistical advice. Mom is called when I need sympathy. Not everyone is blessed with the same kind of Mom I have. My Mom is amazing. She has always put us girls first. She would go without in a heart beat to provide something for us. She has given up many personal endeavors to see that we were taken care of. She rises before everyone else in the morning. She cooks. She cleans. When I go home, she will even do my laundry; not that I let her, but she would. Mom has held our hands through scraped knees, unanswered questions, and broken hearts. She has never held us back from doing what we thought was best, no matter how much it may cost her. For example, when it became known that I felt God calling me to Moldova, she never tried to keep me home or change my mind. She has always been supportive and ready to help in any way possible.

I know one day, the time will come for us to take care of her. That is a scary idea as she has done such a wonderful job taking care of us. When that day comes, I pray that God will provide the same love, strength, tenderness, and patience Mom has always shown us.

Thank you to all the Moms out there who put their children first. Thanks to everyone for reading. Cheers!


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