In Some Ways We Are Very Much The Same

Life brings with it so much pain. Everyone is hurting. Everyone has a story, memories, a past. What would life be like if we could see into the hearts and minds of others? What if we could hear their thoughts and their self-abuse? How would we react if we could physically see what causes pain in the lives of others?

The reality is, whether we can see the pain or not, it is there. Not all pain is expressed though tears or rage. Sometimes it is silence or a whisper that speaks the loudest. People all around us are longing for someone to venture where others are afraid to go. Some people have no one. There is no one to care how their day is, no one to ask how they are feeling. We could be that person. We can’t help everyone, but surely everyone can help someone.

Pain is not always understandable on every level. We may not be able to understand the situation completely, but in reality all that is necessary is for us to treat others as we would like to be treated. Love isn’t really all that complex, even with its multiple faces.

Thanks for reading. Cheers!


2 thoughts on “In Some Ways We Are Very Much The Same

  1. I greatly appreciate your compassion for others. You might notice that I carry the mantra, “There, but for fortune, go you and I.” I’m really glad when I see that someone else understands this as well.

    Go in peace


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