Put Down The Electronic Device And Move Your Body

Word is movement produces more movement. My sister and I started a squat challenge. I started a day behind her so Wednesday night I caught up. After doing the squats, it just made sense to continue with some strength training. Thursday evening I watched the neighbor’s children. The oldest child is grounded from watching any television. Usually that is the choice distraction technique! I was quite concerned as to how they were going to be entertained until bed time. Who knew that we could play games in the den, never sit down, burn calories, and have a good time without any technology? We played for almost two hours. After a snack break, we continued “wrestling” which basically consisted of them tackling me while I defended myself. They loved it and we continued to be active. Now today I am one sore lady. They actually left a few bruises. Never knew kids could be so dangerous!

Lately, the amount of time I spend with technology could be considered frightening. It is not uncommon for me to be working on my laptop, have music playing on the tablet, and something else running on my phone. I go to sleep with ear buds in and reach for the phone very first thing in the morning. How much of this contributes to depression?Β  Often the internet here is spotty or the electricity is off. These times bring about great moments of anxiety. I don’t even know what to do with myself. There may be a problem. Seriously considering taking a technology fast or at least considerably limiting screen time.

People discipline their children by taking away television, phones, and video games. Maybe I could use a little discipline myself. What is your view on technology and the influence it can have on depression, anxiety, and such issues? Do you find yourself feeling “addicted” like me? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments. Thanks for reading. Cheers!


7 thoughts on “Put Down The Electronic Device And Move Your Body

  1. Your post is very inspiring. I agree, I am addicted myself and therefore it is hard to tell my kids off for watching to much TV. I do so, but then I don’t like myself very much for it, as I feel that I am at least as bad. My problem is motivation. Thanks for sharing 😊


  2. I always seem to say this, but it’s true: I was just thinking about the same thing.

    I’ve become way too attached to my phone. I worry about what I’m modeling for my kids and that’s the one thing that gives me pause. I’ve started unplugging on Sundays and taking a break from it then. I actually feel “lighter” somehow when I do that. But I need to reduce the time overall.

    I also struggle because one of the things I’m hooked on is this blogging world – reading and checking my blog stats (embarrassing to admit). I think sometimes it can become just one more thing to obsess over – and that’s not a good thing for me. It only makes it harder for me to focus on the present and being mindful.

    So yes, I sometimes think that my attachment to my phone can increase my anxiety…so tonight I’m writing on my laptop. Is that any better? Probably not, but there’s a lot of reading to catch up on… πŸ™‚


    • At least you can see the problems that need to be dealt with! That is a fantastic start. Pretty sure you aren’t alone on the stat checking. I am slightly guilty as well. πŸ™‚
      You are right about feeling lighter. It is like my brain can process much more clearly when some time passes without any screen time. Our brains aren’t meant to deal with all this I guess.
      Laptop, hmmm… Sounds like an improvement to me. πŸ™‚ Good luck to you!


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