Ea Este O Limbă Noa Pentru Mine – It Is A New Language For Me

Eu am multe cuvinte sa spun. Doresc sa am abilitatea sa spun tot ca eu gîndesc în limbă Română. Poate scris pe blog-ul meu va fi o bună practică. Învăţare o limba noa este cel mai greu lucru eu am facut. Nu este orice usor despre o limba noa. Cred că cu timp eu voi fi mai bine cu limba această. Sper ca. Eu spun la elevii mei întotdeaună ca noi vom fi mai bine cu timp. Dacă eu spun asta, va fi foarte bine pentru mine sa cred ce eu spun. Eu sunt foarte mândru de toate elevii  mei. Ei sunt minunant. Daca ei pot sa înveţi cu o profesoră cine chiar învaţi limba lor, ei sunt minunat. Eu sunt foarte mulţumit ca ei vin sa învaţ. Eu sunt binecuvîntat. Dumnezeu este foarte bine şi mare.

Această limba este confunda. Ma gasesc cu gânduri în limba Română. Ocazional, aceste gânduri sunt greu. Mintea mea vrea o puază. Ea este obosita. Dar, ma bucar ca eu am oportunitate această, sa vin la o ţară noa şi sa conosc un oameni nou este frumos. Nu mai mult oamenii au experienţă această în viaţa.

Ştiu ca există foarte mult greaşeala aici. Eu am vrut sa încerc. Este primul post meu în limba Română. Fiţi bun va rog, daca eu se poate sa va întreb. Mulţumesc. 🙂

I have many words to say. I want to be able to say in Romanian all that I think. Maybe writing on my blog will be good practice. Learning a new language is the most difficult thing I have ever done. There is nothing easy about a new language. I think that with time I will better with this language. I hope so. I always say to my students that we will be better with time. If I say this, it will be very good for me to believe what I am saying. I am very proud of all my students. They are amazing. If they can learn with a teacher who is just learning their language, they are amazing. I am very thankful that they come to learn. I am blessed. God is very good.

This language is confusing. I find myself with thoughts in Romanian. Occasionally these thoughts are difficult. My mind needs a break. It is tired. But I am glad that I have this opportunity, to come to a new country and to know a new people is beautiful. Not many people have this opportunity in life.

I know that there are many mistakes here. I wanted to try. This is my first post in Romanian. Please be kind, if I may ask this of you. Thanks. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Ea Este O Limbă Noa Pentru Mine – It Is A New Language For Me

  1. I agree with you that learning a new language can be really hard. I experience the same with the one I am trying to learn (Bosnian).But as you say; it will improve with time. Anyway, I wanted to say that it is really brave that you wrote in Romanian and although I can not understand it (just a few words), it looks good :). Be proud of yourself you are trying! The language is sooo different from yours. I should take an example of your trying perhaps, but somehow my motivation to learn it goes a lot up and down and lately it has been terrible. But then again maybe that has to do with that I don’t have so much to do and nothing seems to matter really and then I find it hard to keep on going with things.
    How long is it that you are there now and trying to learn the language?
    Just keep on going the good work 🙂


    • Thanks for your kind words and comment. 🙂

      I have been here for about nine months in total. For about half of those months I had several different Romanian teachers. Everyone here is constantly moving though. So most of what I learn now comes from my own pursuits and asking questions. How long have you been working on learning Bosnian? Is it similar to Romanian at all?

      Thanks again for the sweet words. 🙂 Good luck to you as you grow in knowledge of your new language as well!


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