Whispers of Beauty

This morning was one of those mornings where upon waking up, the individual feels no more rested than before he went to sleep. Somehow feeling like a team of horses chose my body as a new running ground. Regardless of how the body is feeling at the moment, life with its grand display of beauty thrives.

Birds are amazing with their ability to sing regardless of the weather or time of day. Yesterday was dreary and rainy before the sun even had a chance to shine her rays. Those birds still flew about singing melodic tunes and reminding the world that life goes on regardless of how gloomy things may look at the moment.

Children also seem to have the ability to not care about the problems of down times of life. There is too much play to engage in and too many sweets to consume to allow anything to get in their way. The innocence of a child is refreshing. Sure, they have problems and hurts too. They are too young yet to experience all that life has to offer. This is true for most children. There are those who are robbed of a true childhood, usually by the selfishness of an adult or the rudeness of life imposed too early. The ones who are allowed to enjoy the years before the pain are blessed.

In recent days personal faith in humanity has started to grow smaller. Some people always bring encouragement and beauty to life. Some seem to breath and exist only to serve themselves. Bad news from home has also influenced thinking as of late. Would life not be better if people did what they should do? Is it really terribly difficult to do right? No doubt we all have different views as to what “right” is, but some things should be understood. Other people should not be injured in any way by our actions if it is preventable. No one is perfect though. Often though, the little things in life are the greatest reminder that there is some good still to be seen. This morning a neighbor was outside sweeping the walkway. That isn’t really his job. He didn’t do so in anger. He just wanted the walkway to look nice. Yesterday the neighbors went to the city. They knew I was unable to go with them and picked up a few items for me. A student has some family in Germany who sent her some cereal. This is also cereal we eat in America. She bought me two different kinds last week! She also seemed so thankful for a little note of thanks given to her. The neighbor’s son lost a tooth a couple of days ago. He is so proud of that accomplishment. The big things are great, but the little things are easier to see and easier to hold on to.

Beauty can be seen in the way that God provides. Mom and I spoke of this yesterday. Neither of us are rich monetarily and most likely never will be. We both have more than what we need and much of what we want. We live in houses with electricity and running water. We have food to eat and people to share a meal with. A number of people would answer the phone and be willing to help in any situation. We are blessed.Ā 

Lastly, life is great in itself, in the rise and fall of situations. It is beautiful as it changes and people grow. So much beauty exists in the healing of hurts. What a wonder to observe and realize that the same hurts that plagued the mind some time ago are healed. Scars are there. Scars often fade over time. Some scars are unique, bright, and screaming. They are often the most beautiful. Every life has scars. If nothing else, we can draw strength from the fact that we are not alone. We may feel alone, but we really aren’t. All around us are people, humans battling their own hurts, forming their own scars.

Life brings with it much pain. One is never safe from pain, for it exists even within one’s self. Pain often yields a beautiful picture. As you endure your own pains and deal with your own struggles, may you be free to experience the beauty in you and around you. It surely is there. We must open our eyes, and allow ourselves to really see.

What is beautiful in your life? What are you enjoying about your existence at this moment? Thanks for reading. Cheers!


8 thoughts on “Whispers of Beauty

  1. A great read and good reminder to look for the everyday blessings. Thanks for sharing. Right at the moment I am enjoying connecting more with my partner than I have for a while.


  2. In this very moment, I’m enjoying some solitude in my favorite room in the house, catching up on my favorite bloggers with a puppy asleep at my feet. Thanks for helping me to appreciate this moment today. šŸ™‚


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