Update On Life In General

The 20 pound weight loss mark has officially been achieved! It is a wonderful feeling. I am now officially less than 100 pounds overweight, gaining muscle, and feeling physically great.

I managed to pull a muscle last night. For some reason, that is never, ever any fun. Nope, none.

I will be with my family in exactly eight weeks from today. What a beautiful reunion that will be!

The wedding my sister has been working on, her own wedding, may not happen at this point. This should all be interesting to go home too.

The only guy I have liked in the last three years got engaged last night. I could not feel more pathetic and alone. Welcome to life Nicole. πŸ™‚ It is probably childish but I have liked him since the first time my eyes beheld him five or six years ago. Oh well. At least he will be happy and she will be blessed. Maybe I will go be a nun. That would be a different change of pace.

My visa, green card, runs out in exactly thirty days. The people who are supposed to be working on it are dragging their feet a bit. At least if I get kicked out of the country I can see the family earlier.

Friday is the fourth of July. We Americans living in Moldova are planning to celebrate. That might actually be fun.

Students are dropping like flies. What do they think this is, summer vacation? Not sure who is more disillusioned here, me or them.

Recently discovered that carrots are actually pretty good in a smoothie. Hello fiber and vitamins!
Regardless of what happens, the sun continues to rise, darkness comes at night, and birds sing during the day. Some things don’t change. Right now I am learning to enjoy the dependable things in life. Sleep is dependable. Maybe I should look into that soon.


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