Just A Thought

Been doing some thinking lately. That could always be a dangerous thing. But in all seriousness, what if this depression thing is all in my head. Maybe that says something about my perspective on my mental stability. Maybe it is actually good to consider this.

What would happen if at the next doctors visit, she says that somehow they were able to decide that I have been cured, would my symptoms go away? What if this is not real at all?

I compare it too the placebo effect, in which people feel better even when given placebo pills in the place of actual medicine. It is in the head. Many people believe that quite a bit of how our bodies function is related to our thinking. This includes everything from weight loss to self healing.

Obviously our bodies are limited to a degree. We will never generate extra limbs or regrow a limb that has been lost. We can’t travel through time or space, and will probably always have to eat some kind of food. But maybe there is a lot of power in our thinking.

This is certainly not making light of anyone’s battle with depression or anything else, not even mine for that matter. These problems certainly manage to manifest themselves in many different ways. Oh well. I guess if we had all the answers, we would be gods and not humans.

Thanks for reading. Cheers!


10 thoughts on “Just A Thought

    • I have considered this but lack enough trust in myself to believe myself. 🙂 Maybe I could get my doctor to run some blood tests and tell me everything is better. That is basically laughable, but it sounds like a neat idea to me. 🙂 Thanks for your comment.


  1. My discovery, is all in what you allow yourself to focus on. The more you think your depressed, the more depressed you become. However, I don’t believe clinical depression can be thought away. We need professional help to reach a point where we can learn how to control what we focus on.


      • I don’t think you are making light of any difficulties. I was just sharing what I have learned through my journey. However, I know that each of us deal with our difficulties as individuals. I just thought I would add my 2 cents that worked for me. 🙂


  2. To get rid of depression there are many ways and its all in the head how you look at yoru life you may be having problems at the moment but that doesn’t mean that life is at its lowest point and it will stay there NEVER has that ever happened and never will that happen. Always look at ways to improve yourself and do better for your self learn to stay fit and healthy and workout. Talk to people about your problems and if yuo wanna talk you could email me b19z15hy@live.co.uk i don’t mind to listen and give advice because i suffer from depression and more than medically i can say this its all mentally how you look at it a doctor won’t be able to help if you don’t listen to him he can only help you when you co-operate with him and listen to what he says, if something that you have or a friend or someone you may be around and what they do to you or something they do in general irritates you or you don’t like it then you should tell them and if they don’t still listen then remove them from yourself for your own benefit so you get the point now a human is only great if he has health and if his health is challeneged then theres no point in anything else.
    Hope i helped thanks 🙂


  3. For me, when I start thinking “I’m not really depressed – it’s all in my head”, then I know that my depression is rearing its ugly head again. I know that sounds circular! Maybe something similar is happening with you?


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