Thoughts About Pain

Been doing a lot of thinking lately about a variety of topics. Usually they can be dealt with in my head or briefly discussed with a friend, and the thoughts are soothed. Recently though, the normal confidants have been going through some difficult life situations. Boring them with random thoughts doesn’t seem to be the most appropriate at this time. So these thoughts are written about instead of being talked about. I guess that is what a blog is for.

Pain. There is so much that could be said about pain. The many types of pain in life must combated in unique ways. There is emotional pain, physical pain, visible pain, invisible, sudden pain, long-lasting pain, expected pain, unexpected pain – this list could certainly go on. It is troubling. Why is there so much pain in life? Why is it that people often have no problem running over others in an attempt to serve themselves? When did it become acceptable to hurt others?

We are all very human. We all make mistakes and bad decisions. Who is completely happy with their past? No one is perfect. Lack of perfection certainly does not make bad decision making allowable though. The most interesting aspect of this, at least to me, is that the person inflicting the pain can often either not see that they are hurting others or they just don’t care.

We feel so much pain in life. Often this pain is from the ones we love. To me, that is the most difficult pain to experience. Loving others and being loved by others requires making one’s self vulnerable and open. Each time a relationship results in pain, it seems to make opening one’s self up even more difficult.

While everyone endures pain of different varieties, it often seems as if certain people tend to have larger doses of certain types of pain. Some people deal with a range of physical hurts or emotional hurts. For example, my Dad deals with multiple kinds of arthritis and degenerative back disease. His second back surgery was about a month and half ago and it has failed so far. If he has another surgery, he will not be able to bend over. His back will remain completely straight. He also suffers with migraines quite often. Yes, there are worse problems he can have, and other people have far worse physical difficulties than his. That doesn’t make his situation any easier though. At this point, he literally cannot breathe without feeling pain. Why?

Another example would be my Mom. Both of her parents died about five years ago. Her Dad was emotionally and somewhat physically abusive. Her Mom basically shut herself off emotionally from everyone. After the death of her parents, her brother became a drug addict, stole money from her, and cut himself and his family off from the rest of us. They no longer have a relationship no matter how much my Mom would like one. With all that emotional mess to deal with, my sister is behaving extremely irresponsibly. Though she is getting married in the fall, my Dad has been instructed not to attend. Mom is being walked all over by my sister, who also accuses my Mom of being controlled by my Father. She has done and said much to hurt my parents in the last year. Why?

This is the world we live in. This is the sin curse. This is the time we live in. The is just humanity. It seems there are no answer to make the pain hurt any less. Fortunately pains heal. Scars often remain though, and some pains never go away completely. May we all find our own ways to deal with hurts and pains.


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