We Got A Puppy!!!!

People, please let me tell you, a puppy is from Heaven. Right now there are two puppies, but one is being given away to a family whose dog just died. But we get to keep one! Something amazing happened when I learned of the puppies in the back yard. I went outside. I stayed outside for like ten minutes.That is huge! Those puppies didn’t care what I was wearing, how my hair was styled, if they were talked to in Romanian or English. They just wanted me. They just wanted to be held and loved and cuddled.

It amazes me. For about a week now, I have wondered if God has given up on me. I know that God doesn’t work that way, but I don’t feel like He could still want me. I have had a lot of questions lately and haven’t exactly been the best person. Again, God’s love isn’t dependent on our actions, but that doesn’t change how I am feeling as a human. I literally just wrote a couple of hours ago how I wanted someone to love me through the crap that I keep bringing to the table. I think God sent the puppies. Call me crazy, actually please don’t. That isn’t very nice. Feel free to disagree, but my neighbors have been completely against getting a puppy. Now, there are two puppies in the back yard. Something so small can make such a huge difference. Everything is not better. I am not miraculously healed from this bad time, but for a few minutes, nothing mattered but those puppies. I wasn’t afraid. I wasn’t self injuring. There was no trouble or angry parents. It was just me, the breeze, sunshine, and two beautiful puppies. Everything in me hopes they keep the one puppy that isn’t being given away. I need this. 

Puppies are wonderful. What is something that brings you happiness in the midst of your depression or any problems you are facing?



4 thoughts on “We Got A Puppy!!!!

  1. Puppies are a ton of work, but they are wonderful! We got our puppy 2 months ago (she’s 4 months old now). I was worried about getting a puppy again, and whether that would just further max out my physical and emotional resources. But it has been wonderful. It has been challenging, too, but I just love having her around.

    It doesn’t seem crazy to me at all to feel like the puppies could be God’s way of letting you know that He is still with you, that He hasn’t forgotten.


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