I Did Something Bad

Success is beautiful. Recently I have dropped about 20 pounds. In the last couple of weeks, I have quit counting calories, stopped exercising, and started binge eating. I thought the binge eating was gone forever. I was very wrong. Even on days when some moderation was used, only certain foods were eaten. For example, for several days last week I seriously ate only cereal at every meal. Some days it was pasta salad. I don’t know why. At the store Friday I purchased a bag of potato chips and three candy bars. Ate all of it that night for dinner. There is much shame here. The real shame would be if the behavior were acknowledged but not changed. Right now I have strep throat. Eating hurts and only soft food such as rice and yogurt are being chosen at this time. As much as it is going to suck, as soon as the sickness is gone, I must return to my normal, healthy food eating self. Confession is good for the soul, Right?  Cheers! 🙂


8 thoughts on “I Did Something Bad

  1. We tend to engage in activities that support our opinion of ourselves when we are down, so no surprise here. But the problem is that even though it feels right and is somewhat comforting to binge eat bad foods, it always makes us feel worse in the long run. It’s like saying, ‘see, I am a loser’. As hard as it is to eat healthy and exercise, this will support us in knowing we have value and are worthy. There is no shame after eating well or exercising, it always feels great! Wow, I really need to remind myself of these things! Hope you feel better soon. You got this, one day at a time, one healthy choice after another! 🙂

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