Thank You, And You, And You…

In the pain and drudgery of the last few weeks of whatever it was, many of you have reached out to this girl. Your encouragement, kind words, likes,comments, wisdom, and love have been like medicine. Thank you so much. The post isn’t much, but you deserve some acknowledgement. We have a beautiful community here. To have a safe place to connect with people all over the world, in our backyard, who share a similar story, or who are completely different is a wonderful thing. Thank you again. May we continue to learn from each other as we embark on our own journeys.


4 thoughts on “Thank You, And You, And You…

    • Absolutely! Thanks to you and all other who are willing to read and comment. Something about this blogging support group is quite beautiful. Without all of you, not sure if life would have been tolerable lately. Thanks for reading and commenting!


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