That Was Strange

The only person, other than you guys, who has any idea where I have been mentally and emotionally the last few weeks is my Dad. He doesn’t know everything but he has a general idea. There is a friend back home. She is a physical trainer. She worked out with me when I was home and now works out with my youngest sister and my Mom. Wile my sister was changing clothes, the lady had Mom by herself for a moment and asked about me. Mom said that she thought I had been having some difficulty with my depression but other wise was fine. This lady told her that she had dreamed about me. She dreamed that I was severely depressed and that I committed suicide. I don’t understand that people. How could that have happened? How could she have known? Dad doesn’t talk with the lady. He wouldn’t have told her. I certainly didn’t tell her. Not sure if I believe in meanings behind dreams, but this cannot be a coincidence. It moved her so much that she felt the need to talk with my Mom about it. That tells me the dream felt real enough to concern her. That kind of blows my  mind. I haven’t yet decided if I will get in touch with her and ask her about it further. The temptation is certainly there though. If you have any thoughts, I would love to hear them. Cheers!


4 thoughts on “That Was Strange

  1. That’s amazing! If it was me, I would get in touch with her. I look at that as God saying how much he loves you (through this person). This could be one person who cares and who “gets” you or can support you in some ways that you really need and aren’t getting right now. Like God put this person there for you! That is sooooo cool!


    • It is very cool. It freaked me out so bad when my Mom told me. Literally almost had started hyperventilating. Totally want to get in touch with her but am quite scared. Might do it anyway. Fear is temporary. 🙂


  2. That gives me chills – sometimes it’s amazing how people pop up in our lives when we need them the most. If this is a friend whom you like and trust, I think having someone else to talk with would really help you right now. My guess is that you would get a feeling pretty early on if it seemed like she wasn’t open to hearing more about your struggles, but if not, you could have another source of support.


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