Help! I Am Stuck … Inside My Own Head!

Do you ever feel this way? Like you are completely stuck in the jumble of thoughts that is your mind? What a complicated place to be sometimes!

The problem with our minds is that they are always on. Driving down the road, taking a shower, washing the dishes – engage brain.  If we are watching a movie, we think. Should we be working, or going,or cleaning, or staying, or whatever – there will be thoughts. Maybe that is why people meditate. Maybe meditation gives one the opportunity to silence and sort all those thoughts.

My favorite way to tune everything out and to calm my mind is usually with ear-buds in and world turned off. Sometimes Adam Lambert does the trick. Sometimes it is ASMR. Often it is just soothing instrumental music or YouTube. YouTube is good.

Do you ever feel like your thoughts are overwhelming you? How do you manage your thoughts? What is your “go to” for relaxation of the mind?


12 thoughts on “Help! I Am Stuck … Inside My Own Head!

  1. If my anxiety gets too bad there’s only a few songs that will really soothe me. My favorite bands are the ones I go to for music therapy mostly, I guess not just anything will do in those times. If I can get myself to write that works too, even if its just a quick twitter update size writing. I have my sheep drawings I do too; they’re just dumb little sheep doodles but they make me happy.


  2. Yes, yes, and yes!!! 🙂 I find that exercise – even if it’s a 10 minute walk – can help drown out the thoughts for a bit. I also like things that keep my hands busy but allow my mind to wander in the background – things like jigsaw bushes, or pruning bushes outside, things like that. Cooking helps me too – there’s something to occupy my mind but it’s a comforting thing to do and again, my mind can be mulling over other things in the background. Not sure that makes sense but it’s what helps me sometimes!


  3. Like you when I want to relax, I either read or watch youtube, or listen to music. Or cuddle with my dog! Do you have a dog? Animals are so amazing. They pick up on everything going on with you. At least my Nitro does. Great post! Xo


    • We just got two puppies about a week ago. Once I force myself to go outside, being with them is wonderful. Dogs are so loving and accepting. Nitro is a cute name by the way. 🙂 Thanks for reading and for your comment!


  4. If I’m depressed, I’ll listen to relaxing music (death can for cutie and classical music does it for me). If my anxiety is at an all time high, you can catch me watching YouTube videos to laugh at. And if I’m feeling particularly scatterbrained, I drop my work, dance around my room and lose myself lol!!


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