I Weighed And The Scale Didn’t Break

When it comes to doing things that are not enjoyable, there seems to be a general system my mind follows. Usually whatever the undesired thing is will be considered in brief flashes for a few days. Then it will be put off with no intended date of completion. Then, at some random time, the mind will say “Hey, you know that thing we have been putting off for some time? Yeah, that one. We should do that.”  My reply sounds something like this, ” Ok. I don’t really want to, but it must be done at some point. When should we do it?” The dreaded response,”How about now?” As long as the task is completed at that very moment and not delayed any longer, the pain is fairly minimal. The trick is to do the job right then.

So this morning, after dressing and convincing my body that the day is worth getting up for, my brain decided that the scale had been neglected long enough. It has been around three weeks or a month or a long time since the last weigh in. I have been dreading weighing again since the last fall off the bandwagon. So with much chagrin and lack of breathing, I stepped on the scale. People, I only gained one pound. One pound! For some that would be the end of the world. Not a whole pound! How will we ever recover?! For me, a pound was glorious as the expectation was to have gained at least five pounds. I could cry with happiness. Somehow my brain and my body did not betray me. Only one pound. Now I know the right track can be found and hopped on again. There are five more weeks before I go home. The goal is to lose at least five pounds before I get on that plane. Here we go! 🙂

How do you deal with tasks that you don’t really want to do? Are you a procrastinator? And as always, thanks for reading. Cheers!


10 thoughts on “I Weighed And The Scale Didn’t Break

  1. That’s awesome! I go through times like this also. It is a struggle at times but then I just get up and do it because if I don’t it will never get done. Just think you will feel better when it’s over.


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