Write On!

Part of me identifies as a writer. The passion is there. The desire exists. The talent can be worked on. Seeing other writers, bloggers, and talented people present their work can be intimidating. That should never stop anyone though. The glorious aspect of having a plethora of different writers is that there is also an unlimited audience. There is an audience for every writer. That is a beautiful thing. What is the purpose of this post? I am really not sure. The thought that there will always be someone to read the writing is very encouraging to me. Hopefully it will be for you too. Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Write On!

    • I think that makes you a writer. In my opinion, if a person writes and other people read, that person is a writer. That doesn’t necessarily mean the writer will ever be published or well known, but that isn’t always the desire in the first place. Keep writing if you will. I enjoy reading your posts!


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