Weighty Matters

My highest recorded weight was 285 pound. There is a large possibility that the actual number has been higher. There comes a point that stepping on the scale seems quite pointless. When the weight loss adventure started this time around, the starting number was 272 pounds. The efforts to lose weight have been shaky as of late. There has been genuine effort but seemingly a lack of results. Yesterday I weighed. The scale said 248.2. I literally cried with happiness. The expectation was possibly to have gained but certainly not to be under 250. It has been at least three years since the number has been this low. At this moment I am closer to 200 pounds than 300. This is totally amazing! Of course, I want the number to be lower. With time, it will be.

Personally I love my body just as it is. The desire to lose weight comes with a desire to be healthier. It is nice to gaining strength though. That certainly is a plus. Also, there is great satisfaction in knowing that the weight loss came from my work and determination. I did that. That had nothing to do with the effort of any other individual. What a great feeling of accomplishment! I also love knowing that I am being a better example for my youngest sister.

In three weeks I will be getting on an airplane and flying home. The goal is to lose 3.2 pounds to be at 245 pounds by the time I leave to go home. Looking forward to trying and hopefully being successful.


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