The Clashing Of The Titans

The following post will possibly contain some material that might be offensive and considered explicit to others. You have been warned. Feel free to proceed at your own discretion.

The last few months have been difficult to say the least. That’s not what this is all about. This is about living in your parents home. You are twenty four years old. You work a pointless job. Much of your time is spent trying to figure out this thing everyone keeps calling life. You find that a little self-pleasure usually involving some erotic material(porn) and a toy of a special nature(vibrator) can help with … things.

So the end of the night finds you engaging in this special play time. Keep in mind you live in your parents house. You are so extremely grateful for their generosity of course. Mom is a loving and sweet lady who only wants to put the dog in the bed with you since that is where the little angel sleeps every night. She assumes you are asleep and decides to walk right in. Much yelling for her to “wait a minute”, and “haven’t you ever heard of knocking” ensues.

The story would have been fine, if it actually ended there. As you are naked and in the middle of your alone time, you insist she deposit the dog and make a hasty exit. She, though slightly offended, does so. The brilliant side of you decides to text your sister; your fifteen year old sister; and tell her what has just occurred. Mom and Dad think their little baby is a pure and delicate flower. She know no wrong. She is the baby.

Text messages are great, when they are sent to the correct person. When you accidentally send the text about your mom and “special time” to your mom, it isn’t as great. Baby sister doesn’t get the text. Mom does. Proceed with interrogation and yelling. They don’t comprehend how I, I mean you, can send such a vivid and perverted text to their little darling. If they only knew the things about this child that you are privy to, they might bring it down a notch.

Now, you must know that your family is a Christian family. Porn and other things are unacceptable. In the past you were a bit of a goody- two – shoes. There is nothing wrong with that of course. It’s just that, in recent years, some of your views have changed. Where Mom and Dad see evil and Satan in porn, you just don’t. And in the past, you had a bit of an addiction to the stuff. Now, since you see nothing wrong with it, you can take it or leave it. Not sure what that says about you. Perhaps you should look into that one.

So now your parents are worried that your “addictions” and behaviors will be passed on to the youngest. You also didn’t get any sleep last night and called out of work. Hey, you are only twenty four. Cut yourself some slack. Neither of your parents will talk with you, and you kind of get it. According to their views, you are soaked in evil and need to be cleansed. In a way they feel disrespected. And since you understand that you will probably not be keeping that “no porn rule in this house” they shouted at you last night, you know it is time to make an exit.

No one is speaking this morning, so it should be fairly peaceful. Although that could mean they are waiting for the right opportunity to bring it all up again. There is no way Dad isn’t putting his two cents in. Nothing like talking about your sex toys with your Dad to make becoming a nun seem like an excellent career choice.

The irony of all this, is that she never even realized what she had walked in on, until she received your vivid text message.

The moral of the story is this: when you are sending a text, especially one with “questionable” material, don’t be stupid. Check, and double check that the text is going to the right person. And since you would never do anything like all this, I must go hide my toy stash. Cheers!


Thanks for reading this post! What are your thoughts? Do you a agree or disagree? Any wisdom or advice you would like to share? If you would like, please leave a comment.

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