She’s At The Door Again

She always comes back. No matter how long she stays away or for what reason, she will find me again. Our past relationship has been filled with ups and downs. We have different opinions on the world, love, commitment, faith, failure…basically everything that is life. Never the less, we remain close as ever. She always has the “perfect” words to say and, of course, she won’t hesitate to say them.She refuses to see her negativity and the way she hurts others.

Judging myself based on how often I welcome her back, or how often she runs me over seems unfair. I am only human, after all. She lives here as much as I do. She can’t be avoided completely. Besides, how boring and lonely life would be without my friend. No, I can’t kick her out. We are co-owners in this endeavor. Cannot even imagine the fit she would throw if she were simply ignored. And I am not a weak person because of it. This is the lot I have been dealt. This is where I am. In this place, I will choose to be solid, creative, available, caring, …. human. She can’t stop me. She won’t stop me. This is my life. She will be here with me, but in the end, I will be fine, and so will you. Cheers!


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