The Not So Pretty Truth

So much happening. Not enough happening. Mind is bored. Mind is busy. The kind of day spent in pajamas, not doing much of anything. Starts out fun. Then it just causes anxiety. With so much going on in this great big, tiny world, so much seems inconsequential.

If you have ever watched Dan Howell on YouTube, you probably have a decent grasp on the concept of the “existential crisis”. That is where I am in my little place today. What is the point? For what reason am I here? Does this life not seem a bit trite?

No doubt everyone has times like this. I have no encouragement to offer or kind words to propose. No, this post is just the grim reality that sometimes there is no grasp to be had and no meaning to be understood. This just is what it is. Cheers!


Thanks for reading this post! What are your thoughts? Do you a agree or disagree? Any wisdom or advice you would like to share? If you would like, please leave a comment.

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