Care To Share Your Opinion?

Sometimes you come to a point in your life that you need something big to happen. All the thoughts and the feelings become too much and you would do anything for a taste of peace. Then you meet a guy on the internet. He has a past, but doesn’t everyone. He is 54, and you are only 25. He has been married twice and has a kid with a woman to whom he was not married. He is currently living in his truck, but will soon be moving into an apartment. He lives clear across the country, and he has a proposition for you. He wants you to come live with him and have his babies. You are almost to the point of saying yes. Because at this point there is nothing left to lose. You want kids. You need some adventure. You want the affection. You need to do something with your little life.

I know this sounds crazy, but I just need to do something. Still living with my parents. Need to move out. This would definitely get me out and independent. This could be amazing, or this could ruin my life. Can’t think clearly. Feeling scared and stuck.


4 thoughts on “Care To Share Your Opinion?

  1. I understand your need to do something, to get out, your feelings of being stuck. Im 35. But at 25 this guy if he is real is not the answer. I promise you that will end badly all around. Find another solution.

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  2. I completely understand this, there is the brother of a friend who wants me to move to the UK and marry him lol and I’m going through shit of my own right now and I want change so bad because I know change will be my salvation and what do I have going for me anyway right. Like you I live with my parents, Im 24 and just stuck in life but I dont love this man and I want kids, intimacy etc but I also want to be my own person.

    My opinion is not to make any rash decisions, I know it’s hard because you feel that excitement, that omg this could change my life completely. The lure of an adventure waiting out there. Is it what you want? If not and you are just doing it to escape your life then you might need to rethink it all, that’s how I made my decision in the end.

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